Geoff and Peter combine to form our Curnow Tizard farm valuation team. Geoff has over forty years experience valuing farms and other rural holdings throughout the Waikato region, and wider with specialist assignments in the Hawkes Bay and the lower North Island. Peter is working toward  valuation registration (see our blog page) . He has a solid background in farming and a practical approach to valuation. Curnow Tizard  maintain excellent standards whilst providing a logical approach to farm valuations.


Curnow Tizard farm valuation specialists have acquired extensive practical experience on farm at various levels including sharemilking and farm consultancy. This enables a pragmatic appreciation of farm systems, farm management and farm productivity.


Curnow Tizard provide a service that our farm clients can relate to and have confidence in. We remain well informed of the current and relevant issues, influences and opportunities in the farming industry which enables well considered assessments. 

To find out more about our Curnow Tizard valuation specialists refer to the about us page.

Graduate Rural Valuer

Registered  Valuer


Our Service

We provide rural market valuations, rural rental assessments, rural leasehold valuations and rural replacement insurance.

We have specialist farm valuation services including, compensation for roading  and other essential experience, family trust distribution and  valuations for Relationship Property. 

All Curnow Tizard services offered are to the highest standard and are reliably depended on by our clients and financial institutions. 

We provide a comprehensive valuation report with a focus on our clients needs. 



Working With Our Clients

An important part of our farm valuation process is to discuss with our clients their valuation requirements.


After clear instruction of the clients requirements we  often get around the table and talk to the client about the farm situation and productive history.

Not only does this help to build detail into our valuation but also helps develop clear lines of communication.

We encourage you to contact us in regards to your farm valuation requirements.




Over the years Curnow Tizard has built relationships with farm finance providers, farm real-estate agents, farm owners and farm managers. These relationships form an important part of our strong foundation and our ability to produce informed decisions.