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  • Accredited Supplier to Land Information NZ

1964 – 1987: Career in Crown land administration, Lands & Survey Department, Auckland, Wellington and Hamilton rising to Assistant Commissioner of Crown Lands [Hamilton].

1987 – 1990: Established Department of Lands in Hamilton - a transitional management unit created on the dis-establishment of Lands & Survey [1987] and the Ministry of Works and Development [1988]. The Department of Lands was merged with the Department of Survey and Land Information in 1990.

1990 – 1998: Senior Crown property management positions Department of Survey and Land Information – now Land Information NZ.

1998: Land Rights Analyst, Curnow Tizard Limited, specializing in advice to district, regional and city councils, in land administration under the Public Works Act 1981, the Land Act 1948, the Reserves Act 1977, the Conservation Act 1987, and Local Government Act 1974 and 2002.


About Richard

Richard is one of a handful of Land Information New Zealand (LINZ) accredited suppliers and is well versed in aiding territorial authorities in their process of resolving title issues along with other matters. For more information on LINZ accrediated suppliers see here. 

Richard Barnaby | Land Rights Analyst