Residential & Lifestyle

At Curnow Tizard we have over 40 years experience valuing residential and lifestyle properties throughout the Waikato. Our services relate to all types of residential, development and lifestyle properties.


Geoff and Peter are our Residential and lifestyle property valuation specialists. Geoff has vast experience valuing residential and lifestyle property throughout the Waikato. Peter is working toward valuation registration in mid 2021 and brings an inquiring mind in these interesting property market times. 

To find out more about our Curnow Tizard valuation specialists refer to the about us page.

Graduate Rural Valuer

Registered  Valuer

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Our Service

All Curnow Tizard services offered are to the highest standard and are up to date, timely, and confidently depended on by our clients and financial institutions.

We provide Market valuations, rental assessments, leasehold valuations, replacement insurance, progress certificates (for houses under construction), for all types of residential and lifestyle property.

Curnow Tizard valuation reports are bespoke specific to the subject property and meet major banks requirements. We utilise the latest available sales evidence, focus on the best comparable sales, and detail comparisons to make conclusions easy to follow.

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What we offer

We offer a status that is independent from any agency and not associated with any franchise operation

Prior to the valuation process we engage with our clients in order to gain a full understanding of their specific valuation requirements, instructions and time frames.

This enables us to offer a bespoke service that is reliable and independent.