Richard Barnaby

Richard Barnaby

Land Rights Analyst


  • Accredited supplier to Land Information NZ


1964 – 1987: Career in Crown land administration, Lands & Survey Department, Auckland, Wellington and Hamilton rising to Assistant Commissioner of Crown Lands [Hamilton].

1987 – 1990: Established Department of Lands in Hamilton - a transitional management unit created on the dis-establishment of Lands & Survey [1987] and the Ministry of Works and Development [1988]. The Department of Lands was merged with the Department of Survey and Land Information in 1990.

1990 – 1998: Senior Crown property management positions Department of Survey and Land Information – now Land Information NZ.

1998: Land Rights Analyst, Curnow Tizard Limited, specializing in advice to territorial authorities in land administration under the Public Works Act 1981, the Reserves Act 1977, the Local Government Act 1974 [Local Government Act 2002], the Land Act 1948 and the Resource Management Act 1991.


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