Accurate records of land ownership matter. Territorial authorities have undergone many changes in moving from boroughs and counties but too often title to land holdings has not changed. 

Most territorial authorities have outstanding road legalisations calling for steps under the Public Works Act 1981 and other acts.


Curnow Tizard, through the work of Richard Barnaby and Geoff Tizard, can assist councils to secure good title and value such assets accordingly. 

Accredited LINZ


Following evaluation, Land Information New Zealand (LINZ) accredits private sector providers for investigatory and other work to enable LINZ staff to undertake statutory functions. That work is audited and must be carried out to LINZ standards and guidelines.


The accredited supplier is independent and any service performed by the accredited supplier on behalf of a client is rendered or undertaken in the name of the accredited supplier and not as an agent for or employee of LINZ.


To become accredited suppliers, applicants need to prove they have the technical competence to carry out the work, and have robust quality control and administrative systems.


Accreditation ensures that the risk to the Crown by people undertaking property transactions is minimised and that statutory functions meet legislative requirements. Most statutory functions are in terms of the Public Works Act 1981 and related legislation.


Curnow Tizard Ltd has been an accredited supplier to Land Information New Zealand since the service was implemented in 1998. Geoff Tizard and Richard Barnaby are the nominated representatives. Between them they hold a wide range of accreditation and various statutes and have the networks to ensure client requirements meet client expectations.